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End Chapter 1
End Chapter 1

Chapter 2 Progress

I had been at a loss for how I wanted to continue this story for a while. I wrote the first few pages while back but I just didn't like them very much in truth. But I was struck by some inspiration and got moving on the second chapter in a bit of a new way :) So it's coming. I haven't quit on it! I just wanted anyone reading this to know that :)

Talk to you later ~ Leon

posted by leonprimrose on February 25th, 2011, 9:59 pm   ||   1 comments

A Question for people that read this

For Chapter 2 of Black Out what do you guys want to see:
More of the same - pen work much like has been throughout Chapter 1?
Or would you guys like to see inking and maybe color?
Doing pen work like is updating currently will allow me to update more frequently and improve upon that style of presentation while inking and/or coloring would take a while so it would slow down updates and it may take me a bit to get it right and looking nice. but obviously coloring and all of the will look more finished and add a different level of depth to the art.

Let me know through pm or comments or whatever :) I'd like to hear from you

posted by leonprimrose on January 16th, 2011, 5:21 pm   ||   0 comments